Join us for a day of Fly Fishing on a River deep in the History of fly-fishing in the United States.

Fish near the places where Theodore Gordon once fished over 100 years ago.
You can hike miles in the Neversink Gorge or wade fish right out of your car.
Fishing the Gorge is hard work and can be very difficult so if you are not in shape you will not enjoy the day.
We fish the entire length of the river. If you want to fish the humble beginnings of the East or West Branch of the Neversink in the Catskill Mountains
above Claryville all the way to Port Jervis where it empties into the Delaware River.

From bears with cubs to majestic bald Eagles soaring above and from the
wild Brown and Brook Trout, the Neversink River covers it all with depth and action.
Treasure the breathtaking and engaging landscape to the priceless and unpredictable
wildlife; this is the adventure of a lifetime. This is the Neversink River Gorge located in the Neversink Unique Area.

We fish the Willowemock and Beaverkill Streams East and West Branch of Delaware River.

Fishermen should visit the Neversink, even if only to be a part of the fly-fishing history that
Theodore Gordon and George La Branche left behind. Fishing the Neversink is what it is today,
thanks to the creation of the Neversink Reservoir.
Ironically, this reservoir covers the former properties of these two fly-fishing legends.

Neversink River is both a tailwater trout stream and a freestone stream. Its upper branches consist of small brook trout streams. The tailwater section is completely different from the freestone sections. Therefore, the fly fishing strategies and techniques change depending on where you fish in the river.

Wade-Fish the river that is known all over the world, fish the Neversink River.
From April 1 to October 15, this is an absolute choice to fly fish for Rainbow Brook and Brown Trout.
(perfect for the novice fly fisher).


Art grew up fishing the Neversink River back when it was polluted by the many Hotels and Bungalows
that were scattered along the 55 miles of River Banks.
Today the river has seen a turn for the better and today is a Gin Clear stream flowing from high in the
Catskill Mountains and said to be the Sweetest Water in the Catskills.

Fishing along its banks leaves many miles of private Water so respect local land owners
Everything is Private so get parmision to enter any property so we all can enjoy this Famous River for years to come.

Click on the links for River maps showing State Access on home page.

Please practice Catch and Release in all sections of the River.

In 1937 Lee Wulff wrote "A good game fish is to valuable too be caught only once."

We teach Single Hand Spey Cast for use on local Streams.
The advantage to cast with no room on small streams gives you
the ability to fish many stream locations you may have had to pass up.

Valid Fishing license, Photo ID, must be in possession
Rain Gear, Warm Clothing (dress in layers)
Gloves & Hat / Cap Sunglasses
Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen
Bring a Camera not a Cooler to Capture Your Neversink Adventure

Any Personal Medications
(as a client, it is your responsibility to inform your guide of any physical limitations and complications)

I cater to a maximum of 2 people per outing

Half Day of guided fly fishing $295..00 1or 2 person
Full Day of guided fly fishing $395.00 1 or 2 person
50% deposit is required to reserve trip dates

Lunch and flies included but bring your favorite's or your hand tied flies.

We will fish all day in the gorge and not by the hour so be prepared to stay out until after dark.

If the Neversink is slow fishing we will travel to other Rivers to insure a good day of fishing.

14 day notice of cancellation is needed to receive full refund

Art Salomon - NYS Licensed Guide

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